About Clever Books

Hello, I’m Rhea, as a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor I utilize my passion for numbers and organizational skills to clean up and keep your business finances in order and develop systems so you can be confident your business is in good hands and is on the path to success.

What I do? I basically collect all your financial data and turn it into a presentable, easy to understand report and ensure that all your government remittances are done accurately and on-time.

Website: www.cleverbooks.ca

Phone: 705-532-1160

Email: books@cleverbooks.ca

Business In A Box Offers

Bookkeeping Services

~ Basic ~



  • Up to 100 Transactions

  • Up to 3 Reconciliation Accounts

  • 1 Hour Support Time

Bookkeeping Services
~ Standard ~



  • Up to 150 Transactions

  • Up to 4 Reconciliation Accounts

  • Payment Processing Portals

  • Payroll for 1-5 Employees

  • Various Tax Filings

  • 1.5 Hours Support Time

Bookkeeping Services
~ Premium ~



  • Up to 500 Transactions

  • Up to 5 Reconciliation Accounts

  • Payment Processing Portals

  • Payroll for 1-20 Employees

  • Various Tax Filings

  • Unlimited Support Time

Call 705-532-1144


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