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Introducing Foundry Annex's 'Business in a Box' – your all-in-one solution for streamlined success. ✨

Our CORE monthly services, including social media management, bookkeeping, admin support and much, much more, provide the essential backbone for your business, with the flexibility to customize according to your needs.

Elevate your enterprise even further with our Auxiliary Services – add-on services such IT support, commercial insurance, legal assistance, business phone lines and more!

Experience the synergy of a comprehensive business package tailored to fuel your growth and innovation.

Our Core Services

Take some of the guesswork out of building your team.

In the dynamic landscape of business, the key to achieving and sustaining success lies in the meticulous assembly of a cohesive team. We recognize that the foundation of any successful venture is built upon the collective strength of individuals possessing the right blend of skills, expertise, and qualifications to excel in their designated roles. At our core, we understand the profound impact a high-performing team can have on the trajectory of a business. By prioritizing the careful selection and cultivation of talent, we empower organizations to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and drive innovation. Joining the Business In The Box Program sets you up with the right team and becomes a catalyst for your business triumphs.

Below are our Core Service Providers:

Admin Services - Foundry Annex

We will be your customers first point of contact through Virtual Reception, Email Management, Mailbox and Front Desk services. Let us take care of your clients questions so you can continue providing amazing products and services with a focus on growing your business.

Starting at $550/month

Social Media Management - Breeze Social

You have some great products and services, let us help get the message out. Social Media doesn't have to be a business stress. With years of experience, our team will craft the perfect message to let your future clients know about everything your business does.

Starting at $750/month

Bookkeeping - Clever Books

Say goodbye to your struggles with your books, our bookkeeping team will keep your financials straight. With trained professionals who work with QuickBooks Online, we will consolidate and reconcile your financials on your behalf, allowing you more time to focus on what's important in your business.

Starting at $270/month

Personal Branding - Ridiculously Happy Ppl

Revitalize your professional image with our expert personal branding services. No need to stress about your business profiles—let us handle it all. Sophia, our ridiculously happy photographer, will capture the perfect shots tailored to showcase your unique personality and style. Say goodbye to outdated images and hello to a refreshed, professional you.

Starting at $325

Website Design - Infinity Media

With the ever changing landscapes of the digital world, your business presence needs to meet todays demands. Embrace the latest technologies and strategies to ensure your business not only adapts but thrives in the ever-changing digital ecosystem.

Starting at $525

Product Photography - Whitcombe Creative

Step into a visual realm curated by Heather, a seasoned photographer with over 12 years of commercial expertise. Located in Minesing, her expansive studio serves as the backdrop where she skillfully employs studio lighting and retouching to elevate your brand's story. Heather's flexible style, combining clean simplicity with boldness, ensures your products stand out as the heroes in every meticulously crafted image.

Starting at $375

Sales Support - Wrksourcing

Discover unparalleled sales support, your dedicated virtual assistant partner committed to fueling the growth of entrepreneurs and business owners. Our mission is to match you with a highly skilled virtual assistant tailored to your unique business needs. Let us handle the tasks you'd rather not do, lack the time for, or aren't quite sure how to manage, freeing up your time to focus on propelling your business forward, not just maintaining it.

Starting at $550

More Core Providers Coming Soon!

Auxiliary Services

We know running a business requires business owners to wear many hats, that's why we put together a variety of services to help you with your business needs.

We can't do everything in house, but that doesn't mean we won't support your business still. Our Auxiliary Service Providers work with us regularly and we can help you get connected with the right person for your business needs.

Accounting Services - Caroline & Aschaber LLP

Navigate the financial landscape with confidence through our accounting services led by a seasoned professional with over a decade of expertise. With a commitment to precision in a meticulous approach to numbers and a flexible strategy tailored to suit your unique financial tone.

Pricing on Request

Business Phone Systems - KrisKore

With the world of remote work, staying connected has never been more important. Using VOIP technology, Kriskore allows your whole company to act in a unified team with their cloud based phone systems.

Starting at $30/user/month

Graphic Design - Wrksourcing

With a passion for transforming ideas into visually stunning creations, our graphic designer, pecializes in magazine and book design, logo creation, and promotional materials, dedicated to delivering satisfaction beyond expectations. From small logos to comprehensive campaigns, the designs are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Pricing on Request

Commercial Legal Services - The Soul Attorney

Whether you're a new business owner, online business, or have already been at it for a while but need some help, our legal services help clients navigate the legal landscape of doing business. If your business is seeking a unique blend of legal expertise and entrepreneurial insight, look no further.

Pricing on Request

Video Production - BFresh Media

Looking to create the perfect video for your brand? Working with you from the ground up to bring your desired look and feel to life through both live and animated videos. Designed to suit your goals from social media campaigns, to website explainer videos.

Prices start at $800

HR Services - YahSunRae People Solutions

We partner with individuals and organizations to maximize potential at work and beyond. From executive coaching to team building, hiring to retention, and onboarding to offboarding, we offer tailored solutions for success.

Pricing on Request

More Auxiliary Providers Coming Soon!

The Service Team

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